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It's time to check in with Married At First Sight, FYI's show about beautiful young strangers openly speculating to camera about the possibility of sex/a lifetime together.

The premiere ended with a hell of a cliffhanger when Jamie and Doug met at the altar and Jamie burst into tears, and they were not tears of joy. Jamie ultimately said "I do" but was openly horrified at her groom, something not exactly lost on Doug, as he revealed on Tuesday night's episode.

At first Jamie instituted a "no touching" policy and refused to be called the "w word" (wife) post-ceremony, and Doug respected her boundaries. But after a few days in St. Thomas on their honeymoon Jamie started to get a little more comfy with Doug...

[There was a video here]

And then apparently smitten.

[There was a video here]

I'd like to chalk this up to three things:

1) Doug's nonchalant acceptance of her rejection, which hints at deep reserves of self-confidence, which is hella attractive.

2) Doug's continual respect of her personal boundaries in tandem with persistent physical availability. Jamie doesn't want to cuddle? No problem. Jamie does want to cuddle? No problem.

3) Doug's shocking reveal of his 5 star A++ killer abs. DO YOU EVEN AB ROLLER BRO?!

The show seems hellbent on establishing a "nice guy diligently earns sex" narrative, a cultural strategy I violently oppose; but I want to give Doug credit for being more than that. I don't think persevering after an initial bad impression makes you a creep (hell, even Lizzy Bennet didn't light Mr. Darcy's physical fire initially) and Doug is a dude whose taken a firehose of rejection straight to the face on camera with good grace, and without referencing sexist constructs like the "friendzone" or acting entitled to Jamie's affection.

Is he the very model of a post-modern gentleman? Or is the show still problematically reinforcing a "hot girl worn down by lovable underdog" cultural narrative? Or is a bangin' bod and a few days in St. Thomas just a recipe for romantic success?

[ Video via FYI]

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