When Nev and Max get undressed, do they even bother anymore to close the adjoining doors between their rooms? Does Nev filming Max while he tries to shield himself with a pillow constitute "rape-y" behavior? (I think so!)

What is the correct spelling of "Sammie"?

What did Sammie do for Tracie, exactly? But like what did she do? Being a superfan for an independent film (retweeting promos and "creating hashtags") is one kind of work; producing funny "little shorts" for a working actress is another; and neither of them constitute friendship, though Tracie keeps using the word "friendship" when talking about Sammie.

What kind of Instagram filter is this?

How many times now has Nev begun a thought with, "What's amazing about social media is..."?

Why did they bleep and blur the identity of actress Elizabeth "Liz" Gillies? (UMMM, it didn't really work.)

What should I do with the URL LoveLizOrSuffer.Gov, if I buy it?

Could you do this? (The heart shape, not the feelings.) I could not.

Wouldn't this be better as a TMZ headline? "Sammie made her up ... and gave her cancer ... and killed her ... for attention."

At first glance, did you too think that was Liam Payne standing next to Tracie at the piano?

Is Philadelphia that bad?

Do you dance like Nev?

How would you describe the sound Tracie makes when she first sees Sammie? I think it's mostly a hnuuuugh, with a kind of whine at the end like someone just threw her pet snake off a high-rise.

What do you think of Nev's chest hair?


At what point did you decide that you liked Sammie? I decided I liked her when she started talking (with candid stillness) about her sexuality and her long-ago loneliness and her son and her fandoms—discovering the chimeric power of social media and then discovering, somehow, that these things stacked one on top of the other toward something new. That isn't manipulation, I think. It's a perverse kind of honesty. It's brave.

How many times have you listened to Little May's "Bow And Arrow" tonight? (I'm at seven and counting.)

Do you think Sammie will be successful?

Do you think Sammie will be happy?

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