I may not have any friends due to having a bad personality and also eating with my hands too much, but even I know that friend breakups are one of life's saddest stories. We've all dumped or been dumped by people we were having sensual relations with, but it's the platonic friends who've known us longest and best who are the hardest to part with. This week's episode of MTV's saddest comedy soap since Spyder Games was all about the dissolution of a best friendship. And whoops, turns out there's something even more painful than an unrequited crush on a friend: calling off that friendship entirely.

"Faking Up Is Hard To Do" dealt with the aftermath of last week's superb three-way plotline. Beginning with making fun of the TV trope that characters apparently don't speak to each other in between episodes, Karma and Amy finally addressed the lingerie-clad, horny elephant in the room: Karma had broken off their three-way after she became jealous... Of Amy? Of Liam? Unclear! But her confusion led to clarity when she realized that this entire fake-lesbian ruse had been particularly unfair toward Amy, admitting "This lie has turned me into your pimp." But her solution was to fake break-up, which would be a reasonable plan, sure, but this is Faking It, so of course it made Amy secretly sad. Everything must be secretly sad on this show always.

Faking It is more of a teen fantasia than a gritty, ripped-from-the-tumblrs analysis of modern bisexuals, but this episode was particularly broad when it came to the actual details of Karma and Amy's breakup. Like, sure, they'd enjoyed increased popularity since becoming Hester High's most famous lipsticks, but this episode suggested their fame had reached Brangelina levels, even appearing in a local gossip rag run by Bonnie Fuller-in-a-headscarf Vashti. In a sly satire of celebrity breakups, Karma schooled Amy in the ways celebrities break up without harming their reputations: Appearing in public separately in order to get the rumor mills churning, then releasing a public statement confirming their separation but affirming their best friendship. What could go wrong?

While the rumor of Karma and Amy's breakup spread quickly (with help from the lunch lady), it quickly spiraled out of control when everyone began to find out about their three-way with Liam. That meant his 5 o'clock shadow muttonchops were especially frowny and Karma and Amy were suddenly fighting and breaking off their friendship for real. Fortunately a school-wide announcement about their breakup (viewed by everybody on their smart phones, another VERY realistic thing that I'm sure every high school does) led to a public reconciliation, but the damage had been done. Despite fixing their public image (and Amy believing they'd grow close again), Karma informed Liam that the breakup had been real and they proceeded to have sex in some kind of video projection cube that he'd built for whatever reason. Meanwhile, poor Amy!

Shane and Lauren had their moments in this episode as well. Shane mostly functioned as Liam's confidant, and his assessment of Liam's DIY sexy motel room from the threeway was perfect: "I love lesbian porn, it's so elegant." Meanwhile Lauren saw an opportunity to demonize Liam among the student body for having broken up Amy and Karma, but was thwarted when Shane sweet-talked Lauren's Stockholm Syndrome-afflicted besties into spilling secrets about her pill-popping. That last reveal wasn't fully explored, so it's probably a loose thread for another day. (This is neither here or there, but did you guys watch Petals on the Wind? How weird was it to see the actress who plays Lauren also play the younger sister there? It made an already hilarious movie even better to be honest.)

MTV definitely needs to give us future seasons of Faking It, not that I have any guesses as to where this show could possibly go from here. It seems like the whole public faux-lesbianism thing may have run its course, but the more profound friendship/crush dynamics could go on and on. Amy and Karma end the episode on good-ish terms, but there's enough grim foreshadowing to suggest next week's finale won't be the happiest ending. But Faking It's main thing so far has been to subvert our expectations and a satisfying reconciliation and/or rebooted Season 2 premise should be no exception, right? Fingers crossed.

The grain of the day is millet.

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