Usually when FOX News anchor Shepard Smith takes a hard left it's because he wants to talk about True Blood or because he is very, or very much is not, comfortable with his sexuality. Sometimes it's because he gets delusions of Glenn Beckistry, that familiar Limbaugh Rush, and thinks his bizarre twists into misplaced outrage are more than just bathos and sophistry.

And then occasionally, occasionally, he's just being a dick.

After a tasteful package about Robin Williams's death last night on his show, we rejoined Shep in the studio for some kind of a meltdown about... The selfishness of suicide, as constellated around Williams's grown adult children and how they must be feeling right now. You know how they're not feeling, Shep? Grateful for your idiotic commentary.

Pedophiles, Scientologists, school shooters, rapists, Nazis: When we find ways around the basic concept of not being assholes about people, the excitement of having someplace to put our general dissatisfaction can sometimes overwhelm our sense of taste. Nobody's gonna say "Hey, compassion's not a buffet. Stop being a dick about that Nazi." You get to sound off.

And I think this is the same feeling Shep is expressing in this lost moment: What kind of a person would do this to his children? Might as well ask what kind of person would deride a man who was finally overwhelmed, after a lifelong battle, by an illness that had been at his door for fifty years or more. Because if you're Shep Smith, that man's a coward—making you, by comparison, a hero. Not a coward at all.

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