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Hot trend alert! If you are a veteran diva with millions of fans, several No. 1 singles, and a closet full of trophies but still feel the need to assert your superiority over the little brats popping up to snatch your wig and the crown attached to it, get them back by complimenting their gowns. It's the perfect way of saying, "I see you...but I'm not looking too closely or really listening, peon."

Madonna did just during an interview that ran earlier today on Australian TV's Today. Interviewer Richard Wilkins said, "You are the undisputed queen of pop, the music business," and Madonna beamed in response. She's still got it. She knew that, of course, but she never gets tired of hearing it.

"But there are all these princesses swirling around," he continued. "Taylor and Katy and Miley and Kylie and etc."

"It's good to have princesses," said Madonna. "Means there's lots of pretty dresses around."

You may recall Aretha Franklin's answer when asked about what she thought about Taylor Swift during a Wall Street Journal interview last year:

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"OK, great gowns, beautiful gowns."

Ice. Cold.

Madonna, on the other hand, singled out Taylor as one of the princesses that she likes. "I think she writes some really catchy pop songs," she said. "Can't get them out of my head." Sounds like more of a hinderance than anything, but OK.

You can watch the entire interview below (via Boy Culture). In it Madonna proposes a drinking game to Wilkins. It is not nearly as on-point as her shade game.