Undressed rightfully earned its smut because it was not smutty. It had no shame, only the complications produced by its characters' misplaced sense of the same. It had the lowest possible stakes (there's a joke among fans that the show was lit by a string of Christmas lights), so it invited the largest swath of players.

It is such a lovely threadbare T-shirt of a show that I and you and all of us together probably remember it as a 2000s thing, some collective expression of millennial liberation. It is not. Undressed premiered in 1999—15 years ago Saturday, before running for 222 episodes over six seasons over four years. It starred ("starred") a lot of famous people before they had caught the contagion of fame and because its episodes aired on the cusp of the Internet's adolescence, very few GIFs of it exist! And yet. We remember all the same. Here: the 15 Undressed stars we never want to forget, acting out stories that often do not seem all together there, annotated where photos and character information remain available.

(That means we also would have liked to include people like Chad Michael Murray and Autumn Reeser, but they have become ghosts in the Undressed canon.)

Max Greenfield

Who he plays: Victor, whose experience with hazing is a Russian nesting doll of humiliation that only begins with him naked but for a pair of his girlfriend's panties.
Where he is now: New Girl, formerly Veronica Mars.

Christina Hendricks

Who she plays: Rhiannon, who falls for Ricky, who is a rapper. ("He can rap about anything!")
Where she is now: Mad Men.

Pedro Pascal

Who he plays: Greg, who helps lead an intervention (with cookies!) when he and his friends discover their other friend is getting off on straight porn.
Where he is now: Dead after the Mountain squashed his head :(

Jay Hernandez

Who he plays: Eddie, a pizza delivery guy who carries secret love messages and who then basically ruins Prom.
Where he is now: Gang Related, formerly Nashville, formerly Last Resort.

Geoff Stults

Who he plays: Dale, who is too pretty to listen to his girlfriend.
Where he is now: Something called Hey Brother, formerly Enlisted, formerly The Finder, formerly 7th Heaven.

Katee Sackhoff

Who she plays: Annie, a lady.
Where she is now: Longmire, formerly Battlestar Galactica.

Jordana Spiro

Who she plays: Merrith, who is terribly abstinent at the same moment that she is struggling with a crush between two guys—one she's liked and one she all of a sudden likes.
Where she is now: The Good Wife, Tyrant, formerly My Boys.

J. August Richards

Who he plays: Bryce, a sexy park ranger who finds himself on a game show and then finds himself in love. Because Bryce loves birds, the game show is called "Love Nest."
Where he is now: The Lottery, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., formerly Angel.

Adam Brody

Who he plays: Lucas, a boy who breaks up with a girl named Molly.
Where he is now: Whit Stillman's The Cosmopolitans, formerly The O.C.

Jason Ritter

Who he plays: Allan, who does not know that his name is spelled incorrectly and who has a whole thing with a woman named Priscilla and their sex code. (There is a trial.)
Where he is now: Parenthood, formerly The Event, formerly Joan of Arcadia.

Brandon Routh

Who he plays: Wade, who spends time in front of sink mirrors.
Where he is now: Ex-Superman, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, formerly Partners.

Rachelle Lefevre

Who she plays: Annie, who teaches a man the value of his uncircumcised penis after said penis has terrified his girlfriend.
Where she is now: Under the Dome, formerly the Twilight films.

Sam Page

Who he plays: A guy named Sam who at one point plays pinball against another guy named Elvis to win the heart of a girl named Susie.
Where he is now: Formerly House of Cards, formerly Switched at Birth, formerly Gossip Girl, notoriously formerly Mad Men.

Taran Killam

Who he plays: Blake, who would like to be a bad boy by sleeping with bad girls.
Where he is now: Saturday Night Live.

Marc Blucas

Who he plays: Bill, an uptight heartbreaker who is, thanks to the magic of Fiji, actually neither.
Where he is now: Formerly Killer Women, formerly Necessary Roughness, formerly Buffy.

[Images via MTV by way of invaluable screencapists such as Jeff Goode and UndressedTV]

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