Big Brother's sixteenth season has already brought us a lot of intriguing, bizarre personalities. Some have become intriguing as they play against type, like the surprisingly sensitive racist cowboy Caleb, but many were fascinating from the jump, like Marlborough, MA's Hayden Voss. Before he moved to California to become a pedicab driver, Hayden was already a unique individual, as this spare "parody" video from two years ago proves.

Set to the Jay Z/Kanye collaboration "No Church In The Wild" (a song you may know from being alive during 2012), the video features toy guitars, an eerily flat affect, strange writhing, a lengthy study of a crotch, youth in full bloom, an unruly woolen hat, and many kinds of precipitation.

The best part of the video, to my mind, would probably have to be the last minute or so, when Hayden's spirit is finally unleashed through dance. You may find other parts of the video are also enjoyable, for various reasons, which you can feel free to elucidate in the comments below.

[Image and video via Youtube]

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