Sole HOH Cody's nominees are Nicole (as is customary for returnees) and Donny (as is customary for Donny). Tonight, now that there's no BOB and no chance of Cody being dethroned, all that matters is The Golden Power of Veto.

Whom do you think would or will be put up, assuming one of them wins? Is Christine still in the House? Because I vote for her. Anything bad, Christine gets my vote. Here in Austin we would call her and her lizardy little husband "very Ben White." It's mean but I don't know how else to describe it.

In other news: Team America is stupid, Donny is so weird, and Frankie sucks so fucking much... But I still feel so much love for him. And for Caleb. I guess maybe all that Zach Attack energy had to flow toward the worst remaining people.

Thread now Open for Live Feed, spoiler and episode chat. Have a great night!