Tonight is Power of Veto, and tomorrow we lose the ninth Houseguest. On Sunday, Derrick and Frankie nominated via Skittle Travesty: Christine/Donny and Caleb/Cody. Christine was not cool with that until it happened, and then she was cool with that, because she is a wet potato chip of a person.

Christine threw the Battle of the Block in truly sniveling fashion, alerting Donny to his imperiled situation even as he was winning that thing all by himself. A dethroned Derrick returned to Gen Pop, and Caleb and Cody remain on the Block: Whoever wins POV can take one of them down, forcing Frankie to put up somebody new.

Zingbot will also be appearing tonight to taunt Christine and Caleb about how pathetic they are, and probably to tan my hide by making highly original gay jokes about Zach. (Speaking of: Kathy Griffin will also be there.) I don't care for Zingbot. Zingbot is the Dowager Countess of Big Brother, and I don't care for him at all.

Zach Safety Rating: Zach's pretty safe I think? I guess Frankie could put him up? Whatever rules would keep that from happening, have they been broken or otherwise come into place? Just kidding, you already know the answer to those questions if you're reading this thread, so I won't belabor the point. Ranceypants Invictus.

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