Things aren't looking great for Ranceypants but I have learned to expect the unexpected, a Malebranchian paradox that results in some pretty heavy stuff if you do it right. Or you could just leave it in Julie Chen's hands, like the rest of us. There is no telos in the Big Brother House. There is only today's purpose.

Today's purpose is: Maybe Zach won't leave? Or maybe he will. Or maybe he will leave and then come back a free man, brokenhearted but resolute. I have seen stranger, less-expected unexpected things. Once I saw a show called Bunheads that was actually on TV and that was way weirder (that it even existed) than something like this, where it's just my dreams and the dreams of countless others getting snatched one more time from the flames, so: Think about that.

I would invite you to expand the photo of Donny above if you are into things that are super awesome. hread's now open for episode, Live Feed and spoiler chat. Have a great night!

[Image of Donny being amazing as usual via CBS]