I've been scared to tell you guys this, but I guess I should be honest: I have over ten Twitter followers and a sister named Jenny. (Get it? As in Jennifer? Do you see now? Are you putting together the clues?) Surely you've heard of her! She's a truly wonderful, kind and hilarious schoolteacher, who's getting married in Santa Fe this fall after a very long engagement. Anyway I hope this information doesn't change the way you view me. I just needed to clear the air.

Pulling for your girl and all but honestly, whichever one of them leaves is coming right back in again, especially if it's Donnie. So maybe I'm less about supporting Nicole—who I don't care about at all and never will—and more about hoping Donnie gets evicted, since it doesn't matter anyway. (Nothing matters, as long as Zach has POV.)

Yeah that's about as weird as it gets, but on the other hand: I love it.

Thread's now open for live feed, spoiler and episode chat. It's a Graveyard Smash!