Shira, the "Eco-Kosher Shamanistic Aromatherapy" mom from Thursday's Extreme Guide to Parenting on Bravo, is constantly spritzing essences all over her son as a form of behavior moderation (in addition to: reiki healing, singing bowls, and a lot of calm-faced shouting). Meanwhile the poor kid is acting up so much at school that he's about to get pulled out of General Ed. The next time you smell ylang-ylang or gardenia wafting from the folds of some kid's Hurley t-shirt, maybe be concerned.

Shira believes her son is an Indigo child (referring to the color of his aura, no relation to Indigo Girls, musical group) which kind of starts sounding like a euphemism for "ADHD." (FYI: I'm assuming from Bravo's context clues he has ADHD but I'm no doc. We don't hear a specific diagnosis of ADHD, but we are told he used to be on behavior-modifying medication.)

Culturally we can reach a little too hastily for the pillbox when dealing with rambunctious kids and I respect that Shira is fighting so hard for an alternative to a medication that she believes tamps down her son's personality. On the other hand, laying pseudoscience down in the place of actual medicine is just a slippery slope to straight-up abuse. And PS, describing one of your kids as a world-changing "Indigo kid" while you tell the other one they just have a "lavender aura" is sort of the biggest mindfuck a New Age mom can pull.


Whoa, guys: Bitchy New Age Mom is a pretty funny concept for a character, yeah? I would watch a whole Mama's Family type sitcom where Mama dresses like Stevie Nicks and is always claiming her daughter's chakras look like wet clumps of raisins. (Working title: Honest to Goddess!)

[ Videos via Bravo]

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