It’s clear that Amy Schumer has been expanding her range in season 3 of her show, and it’s mostly been a success (see her foray into music videos in episodes 1 and 2), but Tuesday’s episode of Inside Amy was the most ambitious yet: One long black-and-white 12 Angry Men spoof where an all-star (and all-male) cast debates whether Schumer is fuckable enough to be on TV.

Schumer using her status as an (allegedly) non-”10” female celebrity to skewer society’s fucked-up beauty standards is nothing new, but this right here is her magnum opus: A dildo is introduced as evidence, men argue over whether the sight of Amy could produce “a reasonable chub,” Jeff Goldblum Goldblums, and Paul Giamatti plays the Ed Begley role. Her ass makes him furious.

Schumer continues to be the best on TV at deftly, hilariously pointing out how absurd it is that we put women on trial daily for failing to look a certain way, as if it’s somehow their responsibility.

[h/t Vulture]