It's well past midsummer and we're heading into the fall TV season, which means shows'll be ending, starting and returning at a greater and greater speed over the coming weeks. Here's a rundown of today's premieres as we ramp up toward fall—and you can come back tomorrow for a full list of the coming week's offerings.

7 Deadly Sins (Showtime, 11/10c.)

Morgan Spurlock's docu-miniseries premieres with a lurid look at gluttony, featuring a 700 lb performer and Texas's famous Heart Attack Grill. Spurlock, of course, knows a thing or two about gluttony from Super Size Me, when he ate a McDonald's employee on camera to prove some point or another. Then again, that was nothing compared to Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?, when he found the sonofabitch huddled in an Afghan rabbit hutch and let him go with a head start and a KIND bar. America will never forgive you, Morgan.

Black Jesus (Adult Swim, 11/10c.)

Also premiering at 11/10c. is Black Jesus, a new Adult Swim comedy from Boondocks-creator Aaron McGruder. Jesus: he's back, and moreover, he's black! Unsurprisingly, the show's already kicked up some controversy, but come on: the myth of Jesus explicitly states that anyone worthy will be granted his powers, not to mention that the worthy have included a frog and a mutant space horse. If you're uncomfortable with a black man wielding Christ's mighty hammer, maybe it's time for some soul-searching.

Quick Draw (Hulu, midnight)

Hulu premiered the second season of Quick Draw this morning: A pretty little Western spoof that a website made to mock the grand tradition of Western television in form as much as content. See, used to be families would gather at an hour preordained by one of three benevolent networks to hold each other close and watch their favorite Western shows, like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Kung Fu, Col. Mulroney's House o' Scalps, Horse-Man the Horseboy, Dirtnap Ridge, and Deadwood: Origins. Now things are worse, thanks to data.

Garfunkel and Oates (IFC, 11/10c.)

And finally Garfunkel and Oates is Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, a musical comedy duo/comedy musical duo who're not only talented enough to land a television show but famous enough to already have thriving Wikifeet pages, to boot ("Boot"! Like feet!). They are similar, yet different.

Similarities: Both gals; both blessed with wit; they refer to themselves by the same pronoun (I/me); beloved of Apollo; peppy, possibly swift; they sleep in matching sheets on the same bunk bed; white.
Differences: One is tall while the other is small; one's guitar got shrunk(?); one always tells the truth, the other always lies (but which?!); one is more different than the other.

[Image of cheerful friends just having some fun via Shutterstock]

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