Buried in The Hollywood Reporter's 3,000 word profile on Jenji Kohan, creator of Weeds and Orange Is The New Black, is the most delicious nugget of information: Kohan once wrote a pilot for Busta.

Kohan spent the decade or so that followed toiling in the network system, stuck in an endless loop of staffing jobs (Tracey Takes On…, Gilmore Girls) and pilot scripts that went nowhere. There was the comedy about a divorce lawyer still in love with his ex-wife; a superhero show for Busta Rhymes; a Second Wives Club; and a musical rom-com.

Busta! As a superhero! That's fucking perfect! And should have Lacey Rose, the writer of this article, been buried alive for the sin of not recovering more information about this wonderful never-was? Probably not.

But damn am I curious. Rhymes has always been a showy dresser so the costuming alone would be worth it. Would he swap Popeye's spinach for Courvoisier? Would we get story lines involving the entire Flipmode Squad? The man is already perfectly set up to be a treasure trove of meme-friendly catchphrases, and could even tap into his own discography for classic one-liners: barking at the baddies to put their hands where his eyes can see, shouting "woo hah!" after getting them all in check. Wouldn't that be magical?

The world may never know. At least we still have this classic...

[Image via We Got This Covered]

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