I don't watch MasterChef Jr., but I did see fifteen minutes of it last night and, uh, did you know a baby is competing on that show?

Or should I say, did you know a baby used to be competing on that show before he got (incorrectly) kicked off last night?

A baby did used to be on that show: a sweet baby named Riley. He was tiny and blond. I'm not sure of his age, but if I were to guess I would say he was, hmm, around nine months old—just a tiny little peach. Here is a clip from a few weeks ago:

He made it to MasterChef Jr.'s final eight and was kicked off (insane) last night, along with a young lady named "Ryan Kate." They each had to make a salmon dish, and each of them did it somewhat poorly. "More poorly than you'd expect a baby to make a salmon dish?" you're wondering, given you've just watched a clip that illustrates the fact that we are dealing with a baby.


Each dish looked basically fine, like if you made it and you had a nice enough boyfriend he would eat it all and tell you it was great. "Looks like a baby made this," the judges didn't say. And yet, they were both kicked off—even the very cute tiny one who would have possibly guaranteed at least one repeat viewer, if she again came across this show on TV while she had some downtime.

Here he is getting kicked off of the reality show he should have won:

[There was a video here]

I'm crying, too, Riley.

[image via Fox]