The full run of Reno 911! will be released today by Comedy Central—completely uncensored, an adjective which here feels redundant.

The six-season series (also available, bastardized, at Hulu+) accepted the Cops aesthetic at face value, but hooked its rogue's gallery of normos left into insanity, like The Office by way of It's Always Sunny..., or Childrens Hospital but starring the Squidbillies.

In all that freewheeling, you can forget it featured a lot of funny—and famous—people, sometimes unrecognizably. Nick Swardson (and his roller skates!), Aisha Tyler and David Wain. Nat Faxon, Lou Ferrigno and Zach Galifianakis. On and on.

Internet video being a necessary constraint, we have compiled 10 performances which you can immediately rewatch.

George Lopez
Who: Reno's Mayor Hernandez, who definitely doesn't know any hookers and really would like to get away from the hooker in his hotel room.
When: Season 5, episode 4; season 6, episode 8

Michael Ian Black
Who: Both Chris, who is dying, and, before that, Kevin, a very MIB sex offender who needs an introduction to the neighborhood ("I feel like you're putting your spin on 'sex offender'").
When: Season 1, episode 4; season 2, episode 9; and season 5, episode 12

Seth Green
Who: The toughest burger boss in town. (Manager at Burger Cousin.) (Hasn't got time for you.)
When: Season 5, episode 7

Patton Oswalt
Who: Some nerd. Real name: Jillet-Ben Coe. Aka: Boozehammer of Galen. Aka: The Dungeonmaster.
When: 10 appearances total, starting with season 2's episode 4, and then: season 2's episodes 7, 8, and 14; season 4's episodes 5, 6, 12, and 13; season 5, episode 9; and season 6, episode 2.

Aziz Ansari
Who: Both a resort and also an insurance salesman. Not the same person.
When: Season 6's episodes 9 and 12

Paul Reubens
Who: Citizen patrolman Rick. (Also, Sir Terrence in the 2007 movie version.)
When: Season 4, episode 4

Charlie Day & Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Who: Twins! Inbred twins. Country twins. Deep-friend twins. Like potatoes, these twins. (They're married in real life.)
When: Season 2, episode 7

Christina Applegate
Who: Seeeeemji, an old god. Do not speak her name.
When: Season 5, episode 1

Jonah Hill
Who: Daniel Shaheen, who has been fired so hard that he doesn't even know where the exit to his building is. Or: He is crazy and refuses to leave the premises.
When: Season 6, episode 1

[Images and video via Comedy Central]

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