Scream Queens' Jamie Lee Curtis Pays Tribute to Mother Janet Leigh and Psycho

While actress Jamie Lee Curtis independently became a “scream queen” through her role as Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise, she also comes by her title through heredity. In 1960, Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh delivered one of the most iconic onscreen shrieks of all time as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Fargo Is The Best Show On TV Because It's The Coolest, Weirdest Place On TV

The second season of FX’s anthology series Fargo is such a self-evidently excellent show—it’s the best thing on TV right now, for my money—that it’s hard to describe just how good it is. Watching a new episode unfold is a bit like watching the San Antonio Spurs run yet another flawless offensive set. Everything is so…

Rachel Dolezal Receives Standing Ovation for Admitting She Was Born White

Rachel Dolezal is still up to her old tricks—chiefly, identifying as black and saying little beyond that when questioned about virtually anything—per her appearance on today’s episode of The Real, the View-style roundtable talk show whose panel is made up entirely of women of color. God knows why Dolezal appeared on…

Leah Remini Discusses Her Once-Fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise's Bizarre Offstage Behavior 

Leah Remini has been openly critical of the religion she spent over 30 years practicing, Scientology, since her 2013 departure from the church. On tonight’s episode of 20/20, she appeared to share more behind-the-scenes details and promote her upcoming book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.


This Very Bad Wheel of Fortune Guess Definitely Ended in the Wrong Way

I forgive you for thinking you’d seen the dumbest-ever attempt to solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. I was once like you. “Self-Potato.” “I Have the Wine by Johnny Cash.” I’ve loved them all. But I am here today to tell you I have now witnessed an even less competent response, and open your eyes to levels of Wheel

"Ten Orgasms at the Same Time": This Is Just an Incredible Slavoj Žižek Rant

Everyone’s favorite Slovenian philosopher/Marxist/accidental plagiarist Slavoj Žižek appeared on last night’s Tavis Smiley for the second time in a week. He has that much to say. So much to say. Like 10 orgasms at the same time’s worth of stuff to say. Check it out above or read the passage where he really takes off…