Little Girl Explains Her Trans Experience So Clearly, A Child Could Understand It

Paddy, who hails from Leicester, England, was 7 years old when she was filmed for the documentary Born in the Wrong Body: My Transgender Kid, which aired this week on Channel 4 in the U.K. The clip above of Paddy discussing her gender identity with prodigious clarity is just perfect. I love it so much. I can’t stop… »10/08/15 2:25pmToday 2:25pm

What It's Like To Be a Black Gay Pastor Who Came Out on National Television

“I stand here, I am Reverend—ordained, yes Lord—Reverend Derek Anthony Terry, and I am a black gay man who ministers,” is how Rev. Derek Terry came out to many of his relatives, friends, and members of his congregation earlier this year. It’s also how he told the world when his coming-out sermon aired last weekend on… »10/08/15 10:15amToday 10:15am

American Horror Story: Hotel Is the Best Lady Gaga Music Video in Years

FX premiered the fifth installment of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story franchise, Hotel, last night. As is generally the case this early in the season, what exactly the fuck is going on is as yet unclear. What is clear is it takes place at Los Angeles’s Hotel Cortez, Wes Bentley and his generous eyebrows have been… »10/08/15 10:04amToday 10:04am

John Oliver on America's Treatment of Mental Health: “Nothing, Not Anything, Very Few Things, Not Much, and Prison."

In the wake of yet another mass shooting at a U.S. school, it’s time for America to have one of its all-too-infrequent conversations about mental health. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver looked into what we’re actually doing to help people with mental illness, and learned it’s pretty much nothing except prison.… »10/05/15 10:09amMonday 10:09am

It's This Easy to Dupe Hillary Fans Into Supporting Trump's Nonsense Tax Plan

Jimmy Kimmel’s bread-and-butter segment, Lie Witness News, is at its best during presidential campaigns, when there are lots of “serious” “issues” to discuss and no shortage of people who are uninformed about them. Kimmel sent his crew out to Hollywood Boulevard again this week and discovered that Donald Trump’s new… »9/30/15 1:18pm9/30/15 1:18pm

Watch Rick Santorum Explain Why Same-Sex Marriage Is Wrong to Raven-Symoné

On today’s episode of The View, Raven-Symoné, a woman who does not necessarily identify as gay per se, but who does identify (per today’s episode) as “a part of the gay and transgender community,” asked the hopeless presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, “Why can we not have equal marriage rights?” Rick Santorum opened… »9/30/15 12:11pm9/30/15 12:11pm

Bill Cosby Told Kenan Thompson He Was "Going to Need Two Dicks" (For Having Sex With Groupies)

Imagine it’s 2004 and you just finished filming Fat Albert with Bill Cosby. Now imagine Bill Cosby calls you over, pulls you in close. He’s going to tell you something important, wow, you’ve always wanted a celebrity mentor and now you have one. Can you believe it? Here it is, here’s the advice: “When this movie comes… »9/30/15 11:43am9/30/15 11:43am

Let's Appreciate Farrah Abraham's Wild, Brilliant, Self-Destructive Run on Big Brother

Farrah Abraham acquired her celebrity status (such as it is) in the most American way possible: she progressed from Teen Mom reality show to Backdoor Teen Mom unreality sex tape. So her role as the American Bad Guy on the latest season of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, which she left earlier this month in a flurry… »9/30/15 10:30am9/30/15 10:30am

Consider the Sneaker Fetishist 

“Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die alone with 13 cats and a room full of shoes,” said RJ, a 23-year-old resident of Salt Lake City who is “obsessed with the look, taste, smell, and feel of men’s sneakers.” His extreme frustration with finding a suitable mate was chronicled in last night’s True Life: My Fetish Is… »9/30/15 10:16am9/30/15 10:16am

John Oliver Brought a Dead Soap Star Back to Life For a Syrian Teen Caught in the Migrant Crisis

With hundreds of thousands of migrants headed to Europe from Syria and Iraq, reactions have ranged from reluctant acceptance (Germany) to outright, vicious racism (Slovakia, Poland, Fox News). As ever, John Oliver used Last Week Tonight to put a human face on the latest shitty, depressing thing people are doing to one… »9/28/15 10:27am9/28/15 10:27am

Here Are Highlights From Patti LaBelle's Hilarious Cooking Show

When Patti LaBelle called branzino a “bourgie fish” last night during her Cooking Channel special, Patti LaBelle’s Place, I damn near fell off my couch. LaBelle seasoned her show’s straightforward setup with offhand humor, hip-hop references (she channeled DMX and LL Cool J), and straight-up wisdom (“You can make… »9/28/15 9:36am9/28/15 9:36am

The Black-ish 'N Word' Episode Turned Out Just Fine

Conversations about “nigga” tend to sputter to a stop. Inevitably, generational divides and stout beliefs come into play, but the focus is always on who gets to say it and why. We then debate about whether these debates, as prevalent as the word itself, are even worth having. They definitely are, especially when done… »9/24/15 4:25pm9/24/15 4:25pm