Here Is a Disgusting Tribute to David Letterman

Even brands are mourning the loss of America’s favorite late-night creep (joke! maybe). Never one to be left out of a social media wave, Beef’n Cheddar outpost Arby’s posted this tweet late Wednesday night, at the start of Letterman’s final show: » 5/21/15 12:15am Yesterday 12:15am

A Definitive Guide to All the Best and Worst New Fall TV Shows

It’s mad early in the year to be thinking about fall TV, I know. But the whole point of May Upfronts—where networks preview their upcoming programs—is for advertisers and critics (and all you lowly viewers) to get a taste of the best and trashiest shows guaranteed to be on television for decades. » 5/20/15 1:44pm Wednesday 1:44pm

Did E! Re-Shoot Scenes for Its Bruce Jenner Specials? A KUWTK Probe

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview, rumors have swirled regarding the alleged re-shooting of tearful Kris Jenner scenes for E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce two-part special. In light of this controversy, Gawker called on an expert to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. » 5/20/15 9:30am Wednesday 9:30am

Kourtney Kardashian: Don't Discuss Bruce's Transition in Front Of My Son

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—Part 2 of the “About Bruce” episodes, which concern the family’s reaction to Bruce Jenner’s transition—Kourtney Kardashian voiced apparent discomfort about discussing said transition in front of her 5-year-old son, Mason. » 5/19/15 10:49am Tuesday 10:49am

ABC Forgets to Mention that Bachelorette Drunk Is Former Contestant's Ex

Last night, on the season premiere of The Bachelorette, contestant “Ryan M.” played the role of wasted, chauvinistic pig at the opening cocktail party—slamming Fireball, yelling about being “horned up,” and even smacking Bachelorette Kaitlyn on the ass. Where’d the producers find this guy? » 5/19/15 10:25am Tuesday 10:25am

JLo Tried To Look Bored as Hell During Mariah Carey's Performance

The Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez feud stretches back to 2001, when ideas were lifted from Carey’s ill-fated Glitter album for multiple versions of Lopez’s smash “I’m Real.” At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, Lopez silently confirmed that rivalry thrives. Lopez’s showing last night was slightly more refined than … » 5/18/15 1:03pm Monday 1:03pm

Sean Bean Keeps Spoiling Game of Thrones Because, Who Cares, He's Dead

Sean Bean, man of a thousand on-screen deaths and the erstwhile Lord Eddard Stark, continues to discuss Game of Thrones in interviews long after his head has fully rotted on a pike in King’s Landing. And he continues to drop the same huge spoiler about Jon Snow. Because: who cares? He dead! » 5/15/15 2:40pm 5/15/15 2:40pm