American Horror Story: Freak Show's Deadliest Episode Yet

Two shocking deaths, two pre-pedophiliac dwarves, one failed suicide, and a Weimar Republic-era snuff film—this has been a relatively sleepy, Sirkian season of American Horror Story. But not last night. We learned: What is Elsa's deal, what is Twisty's deal, and how long puppy play has been a thing, basically. » 10/30/14 9:10am Today 9:10am

Report: Teresa Giudice Blew $10k On 13-Year-Old Daughter's Music Video

Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is heading to prison in January for bankruptcy, mail, and wire fraud. But it's nice to see that's not stopping her from giving up the habit that got her and husband Joe in trouble in the first place: spending exorbitant sums of money on dumb shit. » 10/30/14 8:53am Today 8:53am

​Wednesday Night TV Didn't Love the Nineties the First Time Around

Week's moving at quite a clip now, picking up speed. The end in sight. Hallowe'en spookily looming, and the long days after. Soon, on Sunday night, Daylight Savings will either begin or end depending on how that works. But for now, the days end darker and darker every time; they yearn for equinox. And what can we… » 10/29/14 5:55pm Yesterday 5:55pm

What's Leaving Netflix on Friday

You have 48 hours to watch the following movies before they leave Netflix with no word on when they will return. Could be in a week, could be years from now. You don't know, and Netflix isn't telling. Luckily a lot of them suck super bad so this will not be painful for you, but then in other cases maybe you will find,… » 10/29/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

Pharrell Calls Scary Taylor Swift "Scary" on The Voice

If you ever noticed a particularly intense look on Taylor Swift's face, it's probably because she was busy shooting out laser beams from her eyes, or cultivating bold, hurt dejected looks to use as "sniper shots." When she passes on this apparent trick of the trade to contestant Ricky Manning, Pharrell is scared…but… » 10/29/14 9:15am Yesterday 9:15am

Taylor Swift Is a Shockingly Competent Mentor on The Voice

Some among you may have scoffed upon hearing the news that Taylor Swift was slated to give advice to singers on a singing competition. But as it turns out she's kind of awesome, as in this clip where she nudges teenage contestant Tanner Linford ever closer to puberty simply by calling him "cute." » 10/28/14 10:01am Tuesday 10:01am

Monday Night TV Explores the Man Behind the Monster Right Behind You

Welcome to Monday night TV! I haven't even gotten through all the quality Sunday night TV or I might have some nutty thing to say about it now, but instead I'm running around town all day wondering what happened on my stories. How was your weekend? I went to a haunted house and it was super spooky! I'm not trying to… » 10/27/14 5:00pm Monday 5:00pm

Jane Goodall Was Not Amused by John Oliver's Ideas About Chimps

On this weekend's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver welcomed renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall to his ongoing series, "Great Minds: People Who Think Good," where he drags famous scientists down to his level and tries to beat them with experience. Several willfully stupid questions later, they agreed on exactly one… » 10/27/14 10:07am Monday 10:07am

The Best Things to Stream This Weekend

Tonight marks the beginning of Halloweek, when everybody who wants to throw a Halloween party knows that, like with birthdays, even one day after actual thing feels like a huge sad lie. If you're not partying Friday night, then you better carve some pumpkins or shit this weekend! But if you resist the power of… » 10/24/14 4:00pm Friday 4:00pm

Lorelai and Chandler to Kiss on CBS's Odd Couple Reboot

Somewhere between Stars Hollow and Central Perk, Lorelai Gilmore and Chandler Bing met over an extra-large cup of coffee, traded a few exhausting jokes, and fell in love. That is, at least, the backstory some—not saying who specifically, but some—might tell themselves in advance of Lauren Graham's appearance on the… » 10/24/14 1:30pm Friday 1:30pm